Collection: Colognes

Above all, they are our colognes. Bravanariz’s colognes. Their composition is based on an original formula 100% natural that the grandfather of Ernesto Collado (creator of the brand), made in 1923 for his wife. On this citrus base, typically Mediterranean, we have worked to give our personal sylvan touch. It is made with wild harvested plant tinctures and hydrolates. The result is a familiar cologne as well as an exclusive one. Recognizable and surprising at the same time. It transports you and conveys the same feeling of freshness and well-being as a morning walk in the wild.

Its 100% natural composition, made from plants, fruits, wood and resins helps you reconnect with the Nature of which we are part. That is why we call it familiar, because in addition to being for everyone, it feels familiar and produces a pleasant belonging sensation towards our environment and planet.

Its condition of Eau de Cologne, soft and light, allows you to enjoy its natural benefits at any time of the day. It is certainly the easiest way to wear the landscape.