Climate-Friendly Shipping

Sending perfumes across the ocean is not an easy thing. Apart from the formalities and the paperwork, it is not particularly sustainable. For this reason, when we started to become known in the US, we looked for the best way to sell our products efficiently and with the least possible impact on the atmosphere.

We would love to do it by sailing boat (really we would, in fact we are fans from an incredible fair transport project called Tres-Hombres that we invite you to discover, but it's out of our reach. So we decided to collaborate with Ministry of Scent, Bravanariz's retailer and partner and one of the most prestigious niche perfumeries in the US. The idea is simple. Instead of sending many little packages across the ocean, we ship one big package to Ministry of Scent, so they can ship our perfumes within the US.

For this reason, whenever you make an order, your package will be prepared and shipped, with the most care, from San Francisco by the incredible staff from Ministry of Scent.

In this way, in addition to getting your 100% natural fragrance earlier, you will save on fuel and carbon dioxide, contributing to a healthier planet.