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The closest thing to a walk, at dawn, through the bowels of a humid forest of oaks and holm oaks. Cozy as a bed of freshly fallen leaves. Warm and fresh at the same time, it seduces and envelops you with its greenery and woody heart.

More Information

LANDSCAPE SCENTS are, without a doubt, our classics. This highly concentrated perfumes (between 18% and 20% ), are our personal interpretation of the three most characteristic landscapes of the Empordà: mountains, plains and seacoasts. In each case, we formulate the product using only the plants that give each place its characteristic fragrance, as well as the associations and emotions it awakens. Bosc, in Catalan, means “woods”. Dead beech leaves, juniper, oak moss and ferns. Plant transpiration and a shelter for wild animals. The forest incites fear, mystery and attraction at the same time. This bottle encloses the enchantment of the Salines mountains or the shadowy slopes of the Bassegoda, where the Pyrenees begin to show their teeth and the tramuntana wind tousles the lush blanket of foliage.

Plants and Benefits

Oak moss/Molsa de roure (Evernia prunastri), Juniper/Càdec (Juniperus oxydermus), Juniper/Ginebró (Juniperus communis subs. nana) Rosemary/Romaní (Rosmarinus officinalis), Mastic/Llentiscle ( Pistacia lentiscus), Pine tree/Pi blanc( Pinus halepensis), Sweet orange/Taronja dolça (Citrus sinensis)


Oak moss and juniper relax the muscles, and pine and rosemary stimulate and boost the mood. A curious balance. What more could you ask for? Ideal for creative spirits and people of action. It’s invigorating without causing tension.

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